This ambitious project will need to grow in a natural way. Without direction, it will not find a proper foundation. Nomadic Vistas, therefore, needs an aim and plan to base itself on. Below is the current roadmap we intend to follow. It is not set in stone and should be regarded as a living text that will be adjusted where needed. We are after all foremost nomads.

Phase 1 - Exploring Possibilities

  • Research different implementations
  • Create concept GeoFencing
  • Explore VR
  • Explore AR
  • Explore XR
  • Learn Unreal Engine
  • Start Project Park de Wezenlanden
  • Start Project IJB21

Phase 2 - Planning

  • Create financialingsmix
  • Create NFT per project
  • Create Prints per project
  • Create tokenomics
  • Create usecase
  • Write whitepaper
  • Find funding
  • Start Crowdsourcing
  • Explore web 3 possibilities
  • Start Project AIR MetaMall

Phase 3 - Rolling out

  • Implement web 3 utility
  • Start promotion campaign
  • Apply to art festivals
  • Insert Social hacking
  • create first digital group exhibition

Phase 4 - Connect

  • Design DAO
  • Attract Artists
  • Attract Institutions
  • Create voting mechanism
  • Create independent User Spaces