Nomadic Vistas

researches the dynamics between digital, physical and social space. We organized site-specific art projects in parks, cities, natural spaces and use VR, AR, XR and other technologies to explore how the digital space can co-habit with the physical, cultural and social space.


Nomadic Vistas is an art project that investigates the possibilities of digital space and smart devices, such as phones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. as an art medium and platform. We create site-specific projects in public space like in Park de Wezenlanden in Zwolle, 6 works of art will be realized, all of which investigate a different technique. These techniques differ from Augemented Reality, Virtual Reality, to Geofencing, QR, NFC and Unreal simulations. The goal is to explore ways in which the public can be reached and confronted with contemporary art by using technology that almost everyone already carries with them. We create new SPACES that contest the boundaries of the digital, the physical, the cultural and the social.


Nomadic Vistas is a project created by dutch based artist Ewoud Bakker. In his work Ewoud always researched ways of interaction of art with society. The expression of inherently captured in art has always been the focus of his works. He has had a classical art education in oil painting and sculpture and he gradually invested his time into digital art and installations. After his Master’s in cultural sciences in 2021, he started to work through artprojects rather than artworks. With the new technologically advances he saw opportunities to decentralize art from institutions and spectators and place it virtually into global spaces for people to discover. Nomadic Vistas was created to explore these spaces and give a point of departure to this visual, technical, cultural and social research. It is an ongoing exploration of human expression in the contemporary age. The basis of Nomadic Vistas is heavily influenced by posthuman, new materialist and Deleuzian theory and explores meaning-making among the different spaces.


We are starting a virtual Artist in Residence in the MetaMall Metaverse.

We bought up 2 cubes in MetaMall to start an art project to discover how artistic expression will synergize between the commercial space of the mall. We intend to find the boundaries of the space to uncover its digital possibilities and social merit. Metamall is currently still in development and it is unsure what techniques are available to build inside the metaverse. But whatever is the case we will use it to engage the space and research digital, physical and social connections.

More info soon!